VoIP Unlimited UK

Fair Use Policy

Unlimited calls to UK landline numbers starting 01, 02, and standard UK mobile numbers only (excluding 070 and 076).

Excludes calls to the Channel Islands, dial-up internet, indirect access, premium mobile services & all other numbers, it also excludes any Diverted Call.

The maximum call time is 60 minutes per call.

Service must be applied on all SIP Trunks supplied.

This service must not be used in conjunction with any automated dialling services, or where outgoing traffic exceeds 75% of the entire traffic volume and mobile traffic must not account for more than 50% of the entire traffic volume.

The service can be removed/modified at any time if the provider feels that the traffic profile is outside of the good intention to which the service is provided or that the continual use of the service within the current profile may place the suppliers’ service and or resources at risk of providing a reduced capacity service to other clients.