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Wireless Solutions
Connecting Everyone, Everywhere.

Wireless solutions are becoming more and more critical to day to day business operations, allowing employees to roam across the company while being securely connected to the company network.

Think of any wireless setup and there is usually a spot where the signal can be weak or even non-existent with surrounding radio interference, metal structures and other wireless devices potentially causing interference.

When designing your wireless solutions our team will assess your office space, taking everything into consideration and will then be able to recommend and install a solid, robust wireless network infrastructure for your business. Whether you want simple single access points or wide area large-scale coverage, we can recommend the best options for you to give you a faultless setup.

IT Zero has successfully installed and continue to monitor many wireless networks for our clients.

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Ubiquiti Wireless Solutions

Ubiquiti Wireless Solutions are highly scalable and offer secure managed wireless networks, with optional high-quality guest networks, allowing you to offer WiFi to your visitors while keeping them isolated from the business network.


DrayTek is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art networking solutions including broadband equipment, enterprise-level firewalls, mission-critical VPN/VoIP facilities and devices, routers and wireless LAN devices.

DrayTek product lines span enterprise-level firewall security, VPN for teleworking & branch-linking, routing, VoIP, load balancing, 3G/4G failover, and support for the new FTTC Fibre/VDSL standards.

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Our Services

Reliable and powerful IT systems are a vital asset to the vast majority of businesses. As a proud partner of recognised vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Symantec and VMWare, we offer a range of services including, but not limited to:

Wired and wireless network infrastructure

We can cater for all sizes of business and provide the best solutions available, even for expanding businesses with increasing workloads.

We give our clients a failsafe to quickly recover their data in case of significant physical damage to their facilities, assets or IT data.

Cloud Services

Using the Cloud enables growing businesses to take advantage of enterprise-level facilities without increasing hardware spend.

Microsoft Exchange migration

We provide routine services such as the installation of Microsoft Office packages and setting up business email servers.

Virtual desktops & server platforms

For clients who operate in multiple locations, we can provide VPNs between sites to function effortlessly as one corporate network.

Hardware & software

IT Zero deliver competitive prices on software, infrastructure, and associated services. We’ll create a perfect package to meet your needs and budget.

24/7 technical support

With support available around the clock, we can solve most IT issues remotely from our offices to reduce disruption to your business.

Voice over IP

VoIP allows you to make free or low cost telephone calls over the Internet. We can provide the design, hardware and software to install it for you.

Anti-virus & anti-spam protection

Our state-of-the-art anti-virus systems protect your data from cyber attacks, giving you peace of mind that your information is safe.

IP CCTV surveillance systems

Keep an eye on your location with IT Zero’s HD CCTV service. Control cameras and view feeds from any location.

Online backups

IT Zero can keep your vital data secure by holding a second copy on our servers, ensuring that loss or corruption won’t impede the progress of your business.

Web filtering & hosting

We offer an efficient, cloud-based web hosting and domain registration service, along with the ability to filter banned websites to reduce cyberslacking.