Managed technology works for you

Delivering managed IT support to businesses across London and surrounding counties, including IT Helpdesk, Managed Desktops, IT System Monitoring, Outsourced IT Procurement, IT Infrastructure Reviews and Fully Managed IT Solutions.

IT Support

In  most traditional IT Support models, you would generally rely on your provider to step in when something breaks, and fix your problem. This is a reactive model whereby your provider has very little incentive to prevent future problems from arising, they charge you on an hourly basis and they are focused on firefighting, rather than preventative maintenance.

This can appear to be cheaper in the short term, as you only pay for the hours you use, but in the long term can be very costly as downtime while waiting for a problem to be fixed can cost businesses in both lost revenue, as well as reputation when deadlines are missed.

Prevention is usually cheaper than a cure.

Managed IT Services

In a Managed Services model, you outsource a particular IT function to an us, such as cloud services or email security services. You pay a fixed fee per month to licence any technology involved and receive a certain level of service.

Fixing issues will generally be included in your Service Agreement with us, and we also take a much more proactive approach to maintaining your systems. We continuously monitor your systems and linked services and pre-emptively try to identify and resolve issues. 

Our aim is to prevent problems and we have a shared business case for keeping you running at all times.

It’s your call

The IT Industry is moving more and more towards the Managed Services Model, because of the shared benefits for both companies and IT providers, however it’s ultimately up to you as a decision maker for your business which model you want.

At IT Zero, we pride ourselves on giving you all the facts and help you make your own choices. If you have any questions about how either model works, get in touch for a chat.